Susanne Backes joined the National Education Report team (Nationaler Bildungsbericht Luxemburg) as a postdoctoral researcher in February 2019.

She studied sociology, cultural anthropology and German linguistics at the University of Trier. In 2011, she graduated with an MA in sociology with a thesis about residential institutions for children in the 1950s and 1960s in Germany and Austria. She joined the ECCS Research Unit at the University of Luxembourg as a research assistant in October 2011.

For her PhD project, she focused on secondary school students’ pathways in Luxembourg. During her research trajectory, she has been involved in various educational (evaluation) studies, including a study on students’ well-being and school alienation in Luxembourg and Switzerland (SASAL project).

From 2016 to 2018, she was an educational manager in a public institution. In 2019, she joined the team in charge of the National Education Report at the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing, University of Luxembourg. Her main research interests include sociology of education, educational systems, educational inequalities, sociology of youth, school development, education for sustainable development and mixed-methods design.

Research interests
Sociology of Education
Education Systems
Education for Sustainable Development
Sociology of Youth
Educational Inequalities
School Development