Tahereh Pazouki completed her master study in Computer Science in 2015, and was awarded her PhD in Psychology from the University of Luxembourg in January 2020. She has been a Post-Doc researcher in the LUCET (Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing) for the past few months working on the MaGrid PoC (Proof of Concept) project. Dr. Pazouki's research interests include human and computer learning, cognitive interventions, and personalized learning. 

Research interests
Interactive systems
Individual learning
Training and learning applications
Learning analytics
Early Mathematical abilities
Visuo-Spatial abilities

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Faculty Blog
MaGrid Explore, a free application to help with mathematics at home
On the kitchen corner, on the dining room table, on half the parents' desk, school invested our homes. For children, as well as for parents, the transition is not without difficulties. To support families and pre-school teachers, The Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET) launches MaGrid Explore, a free of charge mobile application to help with learning mathematics.
MaGrid – Early Math Learning Solution
MaGrid, a new application developed by the University of Luxembourg, aims to make early mathematics education accessible to all children, regardless of their language background.