I am a doctoral researcher in sociology at the Centre for Child and Youth Research of the Department of Social Sciences. My current research interests include labour markets, gender stratification, migration and integration, and youth transitions. Other research interests are (survey) experiments and quantitative methods.

My doctoral project contributes to a larger project on employers’ hiring decisions in relation to young people in Luxembourg (EDYPOLU, PI Prof. Robin Samuel), where we aim to understand the general mechanisms in employers’ evaluation of job candidates. In my doctoral project, I examine the extent to which experiences of unemployment have a different impact on the hiring chances of young men and women as well as applicants of different nationalities.

I obtained my master’s degree (M.Sc.) from the University of Cologne in Sociology and Empirical Social Research in May 2017. In my master thesis, I studied how anti-immigrant attitudes relate to immigrants’ integration into the labor market.

Research interests
Gender Discrimination
Ethnic Discrimination
Labour Markets
Social Stratification
Factorial Survey