Valérie Kemp has joined the research project COMPARE (Collaboration with Parents and Multiliteracies in Early Childhood Education) as a PhD Candidate in July 2020. The project is led by Associate Professor Dr Claudine Kirsch and funded by the National Research Fund (FNR), the Ministry of Education (MENJE) and the National Youth Service (SNJ).

She conducts qualitative research in three crèches in Luxembourg to investigate children’s and adults’ interactions in multiliteracy practices and the meaning making processes of three-year old children. Her doctoral project is co-supervised by Professor Dr Drorit Lengyel at the University of Hamburg.

Valérie obtained a Master’s degree in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts and a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Luxembourg.

Research interests
Non-formal Education
Early Childhood
Qualitative Research

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