Cognition LAB

Brief description

In the cognition lab we use computer technology to assess how people select and process information to make decisions or to evaluate others. We analyze reading or reaction times to investigate the relative importance of different sources of information for specific decisions or judgments. We study cognitive processes that play a role in the evaluation and judgment of self and others. For example, we study the effects of stereotype bias, motivation, and attitudes on people´s evaluations and decision making. 
We are also interested in how the (visual) presentation affects the attention to and recall of information (e.g. primacy effects) and in turn achievement or judgment formation.

Current projects

Previous Projects


  • Dr Ineke Pit-ten Cate (Head of lab)
  • Dr. Mireille Krischler
  • Dr. Philipp Sonnleitner
  • Michael Michels

We also collaborate with people from other institutes or Faculties within the University (e.g., Dr Damien Brewers, Prof Samuel Greiff, Dr Katarzyna Bobrowicz, Prof Luis Leiva) whose research can be benefit from our experimental approach and specialized equipment. 


The cognition lab is headed by Dr Ineke Pit-ten Cate. Please contact her for more information.

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