The MEDIACentre offers a broad range of services related to anything dealing with media as well as a comprehensive understanding of media use for research and teaching purposes.

The MEDIACenter’s main goal is to extend the University of Luxembourg's general media knowledge and global notoriety. Observing and tracking technological progress is especially paramount to its objectives in order to anticipate whether something requires an early adoption or not.     


The Team

With one practical foot in media concepts/media production and an academic one rooted in media studies, Sascha Helsper sees his role as being the « missing link » and interpreter between academia and the technical world.

Arno Ravasio's background in IT and his analytic experience and deep understanding of digital media concepts make him the team’s specialist for digital communication such as video conferencing systems.

Alexandre Germain has an extensive and detailed knowledge in digital media production technology. He is the go-to person regarding anything Media Asset Management.

Nicolas Donnerup has years of experience in sound engineering and media production and when issues arise, he always finds a way.

Karsten Schönbein is the MEDIACentre’s lab support. His analytic capabilities and long experience in science are appreciated in the faculty’s laboratories.

Shahed Parnian develops innovative hand-tailored concepts together with lecturers to improve both teaching levels and learning experiences. A newcomer to the Media Centre,

Alexandre Lagarmitte strengthens the team on media-concepts for outreach and e-learning. He has experience in photography, filming as well as in marketing/communications.

Alborz Teymoorzadeh is a Master student at the University of Luxembourg and supports the team for general tasks. His architectural studies allow him to come up with innovative concepts of media use.




Research and teaching support

Consulting on the use of media for research or
teaching projects and production of related media assets.

Outreach and documentation

Audiovisual media production in the studios or in situ


Training for students and staff in audiovisual production, group and individual training sessions, online or hands on.

Pedagogical support

Development of blended learning assets, Moodle support and training, participation in study programmes (co-teaching or small modules)

Live events

Consulting, support and training for event organisers of remote and hybrid conferences and events

Dry hire

Equipment rental for creating media assets

Lab support

Maintenance of the faculty‘s lab structure