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Kuck elei! Digital Mikroskope fir Léierpersonal

Supporting primary teachers and students in exploring microworlds with digital microscopes.

This project supports the integration of innovative digital hand-held microscopes in science instruction in Luxembourg primary classes through the offering of a set of research-based science education workshops for teachers. In this way, this project will support teachers in engaging their students in discovering and investigating the microlevels of the world in which they live through the use of digital hand-held microscopes.

Digital microscopes in schools: Primary Students as researchers

Hand-held wireless digital microscopes provide opportunities for children to easily explore their surroundings at microscopic levels opportunities for students to gain new insights into the textures, surfaces, and microworlds that surround us. This project supports teachers in Luxembourg in using these exciting digital tools to support students in developing science competencies, participating in science, as well as developing their understandings of microworlds.

Supporting teachers in using digital technologies in science instruction

Through research-based professional workshop offerings for teachers shown to be successful in supporting Luxembourg primary school teachers (Wilmes, 2017; Andersen, Siry, Wilmes, 2018), the SciTeach Center has developed and offered professional development workshops for teachers to explore how to use digital microscopes as they engage their students in inquiry-based science learning, thus positioning students to engage in the practices of science. The workshops provide participating teachers opportunities to engage in science inquiries using the digital hand-held devices, and subsequently to consider how to engage their students in learning through “doing” science as they use hand-held wireless digital microscopes to explore their surroundings. The project also provides material support, in the form of classroom sets of digital microscopes for participating teachers.

Who is involved in this project?

  • Christina Siry
  • Kerstin te Heesen
  • SciTeach Center Team

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