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Two awards for the Create Digital Games for Education project

The CDG4E, or Create Digital Games for Education, is an Erasmus+ project – under the coordination of the Malta Information Technology Agency - that develops strategic partnerships to help exchanging best practices in the fields of technology and education.

The Erasmus+ project "Create Digital Games for Education" (CDG4E) is aimed at developing a Game Creator Tool that could be used in classrooms for educational purposes. It was designed to enable teachers, as well as students, to create digital games for various curricular areas with a low-threshold approach. The basic game mechanics were predefined to simplify the creation process considerably and its design stimulates a reflective exploration of a subject area. Game mechanics are centered around decisions and their effects on "resources". In contrast to a classic quiz, the focus of the games is not about answering a question correctly or incorrectly. Rather, it is about dealing with the effects of one’s own decisions.

Teachers can develop small games to give students a short yet thought-provoking introduction to a given topic where students need to discover how things are related to each other. Teachers can also ask their students to develop games as end-products of a research process with which they show their understandings of the inner workings of a given phenomenon.

This project, to which the University of Luxemburg participated through Dr. Robert Reuter, has been awarded not only one, but two awards:

  • European Innovative Teaching Award
  • European Language Label Award

“I am very happy that this project received those two awards” declares Dr. Robert Reuter. “I firmly believe that we made quite an innovative contribution. We have provided teachers and students with a simple to use, yet powerful, digital creation tool that can be utilised in the realm of language education as well as in other curricular domains. 

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