Aging and Developmental Processes (ADP) Lab

The ADP lab is specifically designed to accommodate research with older populations and to investigate developmental processes in later life with state-of-the-art methods. The focus is on capturing psychological, physiological and behavioral data in real life via mobile sensoring (25 sensors to continuously assess physical activity and heart rate; 25 tablets for assessing psychological variables in real life and administer in-time interventions). Health and functionality assessments in older adults (e.g., stand-up and go tests, handgrip strength), as well as cognitive testing are also possible, as are extensions and cooperations regarding the understanding of molecular aging processes.

Current Research Projects

  • Subjective Age in Daily Life (SADIE)

In the SADIE project, we are interested how people perceive their age in their daily lives and in how far these age perceptions are related to their physical activity, physiological activity, psychological characteristics and also activities in daily life, such as social contacts. Participants aged 50 – 65 years come to the lab to answer some questionnaires and are then fitted with sensors and tablets, which they wear for one week. During the day, their activities and physiological activities are recorded and they answer questions on the tablet five times a day. Through the project, we aim at better understanding the daily experience of growing older and how it affects health and well-being in later life. 

Responsible/PI: Maiken Tingvold/Anna Kornadt


  • Prof. Dr. Anna E. Kornadt (Head of ADP Lab)
  • Maiken Tingvold, M.Sc. (Doctoral Candidate)



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