Discover Science Comic LUX:plorations Vol. 2

LUX:plorations, an award-nominated science comic, published its second volume last month. At the FHSE, six doctoral students were involved in creating this fantastic new update. “:In LUX:plorations, scientists and researchers join forces with Luxembourgish comic artists in order to turn their research topics into short comics » tells Nicole Paschek. 

Kevin Simões Loureiro and Rémy Lachelin wrote a comic about the advantages of multilingualism. The story of “Modern Talking” takes place during an intergalactic superhero competition. It was drawn by Valérie Minelli.

“The Future Is Now” is a comic about the importance of vocational education in an ever more digitalized world. It was drawn by Ingo Schandeler and written by Aliona Codrean, Kyung Haw Shin and Daniela Lacramioara (Clara) Moraru.

Gilles Evrard Essuman teamed up with Tobi Oladiran to realize a comic about greenwashing. “Was it really about nature?” explains the different greenwashing possibilities and how everyone can do something about it via conscious and sustainable consumer choices. “I participated in LUX:plorations to learn how to communicate complex research ideas in a simple, fun and accessible way to the general public ” explains its co-creator, Gilles Evrard Essuman. The comic was drawn by Robert Soisson.

The C2DH also published in this new volume:

The comic “It’s about time!” is a comic combining historical research and data visualization. In the story written by Aida Horaniet Ibañez, Daniel Richter and Suzana Cascao, an engineer and a historian join forces to discover more about the past of a specific person.]

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