Food Policy council survey. Call for participants!

We would appreciate your contribution by taking the survey online. Your opinion will help shape the foundation of the Food Policy Council of Luxembourg.

- The deadline has been extended to 30th September 2021 -


The idea of a nation-wide, participative Food Policy Council (FPC) for Luxembourg has been inspired by connecting with and visiting other such food policy councils in the neighbouring countries, and through engaging with food system stakeholders in Luxembourg. Dr. Rachel Reckinger (University of Luxembourg) and Norry Schneider (CELL - Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, The Transition Hub) have been instrumental in the scoping out of such a Council. Uniting all stakeholders within the food system will bring about innovation through constructive debates and teamwork and create a more socially and environmentally just, economically sound, high quality local food system. Such a Food Policy Council would also deliver on the intention embedded in the Luxembourg Accord de Coalition.  

To find out about key actors’ as well as the general public’s knowledge about Food Policy Councils and their hopes and expectations for such a council on a national scale in Luxembourg, the Sustainable Food Practices team at the University of Luxembourg designed a survey in partnership with CELL. We would appreciate your contribution until 30th September 2021 by taking the survey online. Your opinion will help shape the foundation of the Food Policy Council of Luxembourg. To read more about the creation of Luxembourg's Food Policy Council and the related research project, please visit our website at

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