Water and Sea in Word and Image

It is a truth universally acknowledged that water and sea have been the focus of many researches and talks for centuries. They have been analysed from every angle under the sun, be it historical, aesthetic, literary or philosophical. In this day and age, this topic remains more relevant than ever.

Organised by the University of Luxembourg, the 12th International IAWIS/AIERTI Conference (12-16 July 2021) took place online and gathered more than two hundred participants from five continents. Each in their own domain, five keynote speakers — amongst others a philosopher, an oceanographer and a geophysicist — offered their precious expertise to this subject. Besides, several artists have accepted the challenge to embody the topic through a dance piece, a virtual museum, a plastic and photographic performance and finally a video creation.  

 “This year’s conference has brought up many positive and unexpected experiences”, recalls Pr. Dr. Nathalie Roelens, full IAWIS/IAERTI member for 25 years. “We were thrilled to realise that this topic has become a real challenge for human sciences. On top of that, the remote format guaranteed both a high attendance rate and international exchanges that would never have been possible if not online!” 

As such a conference is not a one person’s job, Pr. Dr. Roelens received the support of several people, most notably Pr. Dr. Georg Mein, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, her conference planner Marie Adam and her assistant Armand Erchadi. Regarding the outcome of the event, the twenty most prominent articles will be printed after a peer selection in a conference volume with Brill Publishers; another collection of papers will be published by Melusina Press, particularly to give a publication opportunity to young researchers. 

Next conference will be organised in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 2023. 

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