The European Migration Network

Since 2009 the University of Luxembourg has been the designated National Contact Point (NCP) for the European Migration Network (EMN) in Luxembourg. The EMN consists of the European Commission and National Contact Points (NCP) in each Member State and Norway. It was established by the Council Decision 2008/381/EC of 14 May 2008. The Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs coordinates the EMN.

Providing reliable information on migration and asylum

The objective of the EMN is to meet the information needs of European institutions and Member State authorities by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum. The EMN offers views to support EU policymaking in these areas, as well as to inform the general public.

EMN Luxembourg is responsible for the implementation of the EMN activities as established in the work programme at the national level. This includes development of the Annual Report on Migration and Asylum and drafting national reports on the topics proposed by Member States, Norway and the European Commission and approved by the EMN Steering Board. EMN Luxembourg also replies to ad-hoc queries from other Member States, Norway and the European Commission. It uses the ad-hoc query mechanism to gather information to meet the needs of national network partners. Information needs of national authorities are supported by the provision of precise information on migration and asylum via jurisprudence databases on the subject (www.emn.lu).

At least once a year EMN Luxembourg organises a conference for a national audience, inviting speakers from all over the world to address relevant topics in the field of migration.

EMN in Luxembourg

EMN Luxembourg is also actively involved in the EMN activities implemented at the European level:

  • chairing the EMN Platform on Statelessness,
  • chairing the EMN Ad-hoc Query Working Group,
  • participating in the EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary Working Group and other thematic working groups of the Network.

The national network partners, who provide information support as well as expert guidance, for the implementation of the EMN work programme in Luxembourg are:

The supervising institution of EMN Luxembourg is the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region.

Latest News

10 01 2019

According to the European Commission, to remain a globally competitive player, the EU needs to find better ways to attract innovative migrant entrepreneurs and support migrant entrepreneurs already present in the EU. In this context, our annual conference entitled “Attracting start-up founders and innovative entrepreneurs from third countries” tries to offer a broad overview of several start-up schemes from across and beyond the EU which provide various incentives for start-up entrepreneurs from third countries.