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MaGrid Explore, a free application to help with mathematics at home

On the kitchen corner, on the dining room table, on half the parents' desk, school invested our homes. For children, as well as for parents, the transition is not without difficulties. To support families and pre-school teachers, The Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET) launches MaGrid Explore, a free of charge mobile application to help with learning mathematics.

MaGrid is an application intended to facilitate the learning of mathematics by eliminating the eventual linguistic barriers. "We already have a partnership with the Ministry of Education and the application should be used all over the country starting next school year. Due to the current situation, our team has been brainstorming how we can push for an earlier release. We came up with the idea to launch a first version called “MaGrid Explore”, explains Tahereh Pazouki, the researcher behind the project.

A digital only version 

MaGrid has been developed to be use in schools by combining printed and digital media. The "Explore" version has been adapted so children can already use it at home using only the tablet. "MaGrid Explore is a digital only version to facilitate its use at home. It’s fun and very simple to use. All you need is to install the app. You can find it on the Apple  App Store and the Google Play Store. But it’s also available on the schouldoheem.lu website. No login or registration are necessary”, specifies Pazouki.

From research to start-up

This Educational application is the culmination of almost five years of research and the realization of a tandem PhD led by Véronique Cornu and Tahere Pazouki. “This fall, what was a research project will become a real company. It is thanks to certain encounters, such as the one of Romain Martin at the time director of the LUCET, and the support of the National Research Fund (FNR), the Service de la Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) and the  Ministère de l’Education nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse (MENJE) that we can today have a real impact on society ”, rejoices the young entrepreneur and researcher.

Confinement isn’t only about homeschooling

MaGrid adds a very useful tool to the confinement toolbox. However, LUCET director Antoine Fischbach wants to reassure parents: "Don’t try to achieve the impossible. Do your best at home and don’t forget that children are not only pupils. It’s a stressful period for them as well, it can be tough and they also need a break from time to time. Keep a balance between homeschooling and fun family time, it's ok to also give them a break. The current situation shouldn’t be only about school”.

Explore MaGrid on schouldoheem.lu  

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