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Psychology students launch a phone call service to help people facing social isolation

The health crisis that we are going through is not only bad news. While it is unfortunate, it can also be seen as an opportunity. That’s how Johannes and Mara, two psychology students behind the start-up "GoldenMe", decided to look at it. Next week, they are launching the new service “GoldenPoteren” to help people to connect through phone calls with others.

Launched in 2018 at the Ideation camp hosted by the University of Luxembourg, the idea behind ​​"GoldenMe" is simple. "Mara, the first founder, wanted to launch an exchange platform to help retired people not to find themselves alone once their career is over. When her grandfather passed away, she realized that her grandmother’s social circle was limited to family members. To prevent others from facing the same reality, she had the idea of ​​launching “GoldenMe”. A platform that allows retirees to take part in events or simply interact with others to maintain an extended social circle. ", says Johannes Heuschkel, psychology student and co-founder of the young start-up.

New services to respond to the crisis

Overcoming social isolation, the goal of “GoldenMe” is more relevant than ever. “We immediately reacted to the coronavirus situation. We started with a solidarity campaign. This is how it works. You can download a template to offer your help to neighbors who are part of the risk group. Your simply print it out, fill in your contact information and hang it in the staircase of your apartment complex or throw it in the mailbox. The success was immediate. No less than 350 people have joined the Facebook page dedicated to this initiative”, says Johannes.

The young start-up does not stop there and is now launching a new service connecting people with common interest to chat on the phone. "We have noticed that the hardest part is reaching out to the elderly. Often they do not use new technologies and therefore it is more complicated to get in touch. So, we came up with the idea to use a technology they all know: the phone. The new campaign “GoldenPoteren”, is an intergenerational program by GoldenMe, in which people during the corona isolation are connected via phone. Both the older and youger generations are welcome to participate”, explains the young entrepreneur.

Turning challenges into opportunities 

There are many ways to look at the current crisis. “It also brings its share of challenges. I think we have to consider them as opportunities and learn how to adapt to the situation as entrepreneurs", underlines Heuschkel. The coronavirus crisis will not only advance medicine. Its impact on the learning outcomes of our students is already very real.

To know more 

Follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenMeLuxembourg/

Discover GoldenMe : www.goldenme.me

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