Melusina Press

Melusina Press offers researchers of the faculty and research connected to Luxembourg the possibility to publish results in an innovative, flexible and sustainable way. Within a rapidly changing environment it takes a hybrid, multimodal and diamond open-access stand to scholarly publishing.

With Melusina Press, researchers are able to simultaneously publish for print, the web, mobile devices and for data-driven research needs (hybrid) and have the possibility to use new but experience proofed publication concepts such as living publications, transmedia publications or data papers (multimodal) among others.

Melusina Press is sustained by the faculty and is therefore able to carry out a diamond approach to open-access. Additionally, it develops semi-automatized, standardized publishing processes. This means that instead of just shifting the financial burden from readers to authors, by means of article processing charges, Melusina Press offers free publishing services, and thus creates better conditions for realizing the social benefits that are at the heart of the open-access movement.

Our latest publications

Heimatfabrik Lokalmuseum
Marie-Paule Jungblut
Published Oct, 2020
Luxemburger Musiklexikon - Band 2
Ursula Anders-Malvetti, Alain Nitschké, Damien Sagrillo, Jean Thill, Tina Zeiß-Zippel
Published Oct, 2020
Aspekte der luxemburgischen Syntax
Caroline Döhmer
Published Apr, 2020
Luxemburger Musiklexikon - Band 1
Ursula Anders-Malvetti, Alain Nitschké, Caroline Reuter, Damien Sagrillo
Published Mar, 2020